How to take care of Sensitive Teeth?

In medical terminology, tooth sensitivity is commonly known as root sensitivity or Dentin hypersensitivity. Sensitive teeth require proper care. If you neglect your oral and dental health you might suffer from other types of serious ailments.

How to Prevent Sensitivity?

Are you a health conscious person who believes that ‘Prevention is better than cure’? Do you want to know how you can take proper care of your oral heath to prevent Dentin hypersensitivity? If your replies to these questions are in affirmative, then you should visit Dentists in Winnipeg for routine check up after every four or six months.
The dentist Winnipeg will not only diagnose any problem in advance so that it can be treated on time. Not just this, proper brushing of teeth is also helps in prevention of sensitivity. Many times people damage their enamel by improper bruising.

How to find out if you have sensitive teeth?

If you feel tingly and pain whenever you drink or eat anything cold, hot, sweet, or any food having acid ingredients – such as grapes, raisins etc. Then you have sensitive teeth and you should take help from Dentists in Winnipeg.

What are the Causes of Sensitivity of Teeth?

There can be many reasons and causes for sensitivity of teeth. Following are a few of them:

  • Loss of Enamel or Cementum:

Enamel is the covering of the crown of a tooth and cementum covers the root of the teeth. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity is caused if one has problems related to the enamel, such as thinness, abrasion and the loss of enamel.
Apart from enamel, the loss of Cementum can also cause sensitivity. Cementum is not as hard as the enamel; therefore it wears away very easily.

  • Receded gums or periodontal disease:

Receded gums also causes of tooth sensitivity. The gums recede either due to age or improper brushing of teeth.
As the gums recede, the cementum leaves the root and the dentin is exposed, this makes gives tingling sensation whenever one eats or drinks anything cold, hot or sweet.

Can home remedies help for relieving sensitivity?

Using soft bristle tooth brush and a Fluoride toothpaste helps relieve sensitive feeling of teeth, as Fluoride makes the enamel thick and strong.
Oral hygiene – proper brushing and flossing, also plays important part in preventing gums from receding and keeping the gums and teeth healthy.
Many times the patient neglects the importance of visiting the dentist Winnipeg, which makes the problem even worse and sometimes one has to undergo tooth extraction, root canal treatment or other type of expensive therapies.

Treatments to cure the sensitivity of teeth:

Sometimes, sensitivity of teeth is due to cavities or any kind of damage to the tooth enamel. For this one should to take appointment from Dentists in Winnipeg.
Mostly, sensitivity due to cavities can be cured by restoration. But of it is by the dint of gum infection then the Dentist Winnipeg can clean the area or give therapy Winnipeg to the patient to ease the pain and sensitivity.

Are Juices and Smoothies good for Teeth?

Do you ask your encourage your children to drink smoothies and juices? Many parents think that drinking fruit juices and smoothies are good for their children health but they are mistaken! I know you much be surprised to read this, but it is true. The fruit juices and smoothies comprises of acids and sugar. The more the children intake juices and smoothies, the more damage it will cause to their teeth, as the combination of high acid levels and sugar is not good for the dental health of the children.
If you are having sensitive teeth or gums then you should not intake juices, smoothies, carbonated drinks and brewages. As these drinks often have acids and substances that can rotten or decay one’s teeth and cause many other problems.
Acidic diets like citrus fruits, juices, pickets and sodas can cause tooth erosion, dissolve the tooth surface which will expose dentin, which will result in sensitivity of teeth.