My teeth my smile


I love my smile, really it is but I love my teeth more than my smile. It is my teeth that make my smile super classing, I can sparkle, and I can laugh only because of my beautiful teeth. My smile makes me more beautiful and confident to see the world in a more realistic way. It’s not what I say; it’s the people who say like this .the smile is not the symbol of beauty, it’s speaks of yourself so when you don’t have a perfect smile. You really miss the most wonderful aspect of your personality.

How to get a beautiful smile


So wear the beautiful smile, if you have broken teeth then don’t be afraid to consult with your Cosmetic Dentist and let them know what the real problem is. Your dentist can suggest you braces, or invisalign for the perfect teeth alignment. Yes, once your teeth get perfectly aligned then the other step is to remove discoloration if you have any. In case of stained tooth or yellow teeth, here are so many treatments.

Bleaching or tooth whitening treatment is used to remove the stain of the teeth. Simply you can get the whiter teeth than ever. Bleaching treatment may be done at the clinic of cosmetic dentists. Sometimes in case of minor discoloration dentist can suggest you to do such treatment at home. So this is very easy to get healthy white teeth and to have a beautiful smile. But this treatment is needed to be done after a fixed period. So you can get the beauty when you required it’s no more in your dreams or added in wish list.

What are the ways?


Healthy white teeth are for all. What you need is to visit your dentist and consult with him. He will examine your teeth by taking X-rays and can recommend you some medication or some treatment. The most necessary thing is the teeth should be properly aligned. If there is cavity or broken teeth then to get a perfect smile become very difficult. If you have broken tooth then don’t worry. Your Cosmetic Dentist Winnipeg can suggest you crown or caps for your teeth. In case of gap between the teeth, or in case of injury you lose your precious teeth, your dentist can recommend the bridge for your teeth. So tooth alignment not only can give you a perfect smile but it can change the shape of your mouth charismatically.

Can I have a perfect smile?

So come in shape and forget about your old look, this is how you can complete yourself. Once you got the perfect smile, you are ready to wrap the world onto your fingers. This is no more your fault, if it is by God, then he has certainly opens so many ways to regain your beauty. Don’t feel hesitant if you have broken teeth, you can get perfect teeth. It does no more can harm your personality and you don’t need to close your mouth publically. Show the world that you have the right to smile and you can smile more beautifully. You have every impression to attract the people. So it’s your teeth and you know very well how to make you smile. So get ready to have a tempting smile.


Wisdom Teeth do you have it?


Wisdom teeth is a third set of molars and every adult wait for this valuable teeth as so many myths are attached with the appearance of these teeth. There is common complaint with the appearance of wisdom teeth that a severe pain is felt into the whole mouth. The reason is this that the teeth are not properly aligned and ultimately needs the detachment.

When wisdom teeth are not properly fixed, it may place horizontally or may get away from the second molars. If the wisdom teeth are not properly aligned, then it can affect the adjacent teeth and jawbones or nerves. Wisdom teeth may get affected as they are confined in the soft tissue of the jaw bone. In this case the partly break through can happen. If the wisdom teeth are partly extracted it can cause infection as bacteria can easily enter the spaces around the tooth. That may cause pain, inflammation or jaw stiffness. Thus the tooth decay is unstoppable and inappropriate positioning can make difficult daily brushing and flossing.

How do you know you have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removalMajority of the people don’t know that they are getting wisdom teeth as they are not sure about the symptoms. Consult with your Cosmetic Dentist Winnipeg to have a look about the positioning of wisdom teeth. X-ray of the mouth cans teeth the right story how your wisdom teeth is aligned. Moreover shine dentist after a careful analysis can decide whether you should go to oral surgeon for more inspection.

It depends on the dentist whether he recommends you to extract the wisdom teeth to avoid further complication like pain and swellings. The extraction of wisdom teeth is less painful for young people as the teeth are not properly placed and bone is not solid. While in older people it will take a longer time in healing.

Is removal of wisdom teeth possible?

It depends on the position of wisdom teeth and its stage of development. Dentists in winnipeg can only then plan the removal of teeth. You dentist can better tell what type of suffering you come across and how your pre- removal inspection could be done. A wisdom tooth that is above the gum can easily be removed than any other tooth. On the other hand if the wisdom tooth is enclosed in the gum and connected with jawbone is required a cut in to the gums to extract the tooth. Sometimes the tooth that are enclosed into the gums required to be extract into pieces to minimize the risk of bone that needs to be removed to get the teeth out of it.

How removal of wisdom teeth is done?

no-wisdom-teeth-1Cosmetic dentist while removing the wisdom teeth make the surrounding tissues insensitive by using analgesic. The same medication that is used to insensate a tooth while filling the cavity. Sometimes with the consent of the patient and the dentist it may be decided to use some narcotics to control the pain more effectively. The sedating medications are available in many types like nitrous oxide, valium, intravenous that is infused via injection. If nitrous oxide is used then you can remain conscious while others medications can make you unconscious. After the removal of teeth, the healing process depends what type of extraction is done, if it is quite serious in that case bleeding ,swelling and pain can be expected.

Four reason why people avoid to do flossing

Portrait of beautiful woman with dental floss
Flossing is a good habit to keep your teeth and gum healthy. Floss consists of thin filament that is used to wipe out food and dental plaque from the teeth. According to expert flossing is more effective to prevent gums from any disease. But people never bother to develop this little but fruitful habit. It has so many benefits attached with it. Many people think that flossing is time taking while brushing take only two minutes quite funny.1: No cavity, no food, so no flossing:

Majority of the people don’t do flossing because they think that they have no cavity so food could not be stored in the spaces of the teeth. So, no need to do flossing. Well, it’s not true. Flossing is about to maintain the shine of your teeth and more importantly to remove the plaque. Plaque a yellowish substance that covers the tooth surface can affect your teeth badly. To control the plaque, flossing is the best treatment.
Alright, it’s about flossing how important it is, but many people don’t know how to do flossing. Flossing is not as easy as we consider, in fact it is the most difficult personal grooming activity. You can’t learn it in one time, but practice can make you perfect.

2: I don’t know how to floss?

flossing concept

Flossing isn’t easy.Dentist Winnipeg calls it “the most difficult personal grooming activity there is.” But practice makes perfect. Here is how you can do it.

  • A thin filament with the length of 18 inches is used in floss.
  • Fasten some of the floss around your middle finger and leave one inch filament to floss with.
  • Control the floss between your thumbs and index fingers and slightly scratch it up and down between your teeth. Never put extra force on floss as it may cut or damage the delicate gum tissue.
  • Use the clean segment of floss for every tooth
  • Pullout the floss by using the same back and forth action to bring out the floss
  • Keep flossing back to your last molar, because majority of the gum disease starts from back teeth

3: I’m not informed in time:


Many people who can’t do flossing as they think it’s quite laborious work. So whenever they feel any food particles is there between the teeth they use nails or fingers that are too big to fit inside the teeth. So for the people who can’t do flossing City Centre Dentists suggest they can use Floss holders. These are Y shaped devices that are equipped with the reel of floss. The floss is wind between two points to allow one end to be used. Another alternate is to forget about floss and use disposable toothpick or tooth stick that are available in market. Moreover spiral brushes which are called inetrproximal brushes and the tip simulators found on the other side of the tooth brushes can be use for flossing.

4: Lack of time makes it difficult:

It is an obvious truth that flossing takes time. If you do it once in a day it will take your five minutes at least. Just like you take shower or do brushing as you are habitual of it. The need is to make flossing your habit. Dentist at Winnipeg suggests, keep flossing next to your tooth brushing. If you can’t do flossing at night then do it at morning. Keep the floss nearby you and whenever you find time.

Smile is a perfect gift that one can ever have


A healthy smile can bring for you a happy and healthy life. If you don’t have anything in life, remember God has given you the best gift of smile. A smile can win for you everything in society. When you smile the world smiles back, you get out of stress and you suddenly start feeling happy. In fact a smile can make you more attractive; you look more lively and courteous to others. As much you smile as much you will lose the depression. As someone has boldly said

“If the world has hundreds of reason to make you cry let the world know that you have thousands of reason to smile.”

How does smile effect you?

Do you know what happen when you smile; it makes other people happy too. When you smile the muscles of your mouth activates automatically when you see your friend or watch an interesting incident you smile without having any intention. Absurd! Isn’t it? Remember that smile can bring a lot of good for you so smile even if it is good or worse and in return the universe smile back to you. If you are habitual of giving smiling expression even in your worse that you will really have the power to undo the do.

How can you get a good smile?


Don’t get worried if you don’t have good teeth you can still get a good smile. Cosmetic Dentistry has devised many ways to give you a perfect smile with braces and invisalign aligner, tooth colored ceramic pieces. You can have the better smile if your orthodontist recommends you the above mentioned treatment. Then go with it if you want to chase the pursuit of perfect smile.
Dentists in winnipeg recommends people to brush twice a day if they want to keep their perfect smile for a long time. Flossing can keep your teeth in shape and to kill the bacteria. Get a daily dose of small amount of mouth wash in this way you can get a fresh breath with a sweet smile. Don’t eat unhealthy food like juices and fats and sweets it can harm your teeth. Always do brushing right after one hour f you do brushing immediately it can affect the dentin of your teeth that brings natural shine on your teeth so don’t lose it it’s so much precious.

What you should do to get a good smile:


For a perfect smile you have to keep visiting your Dentist Winnipeg with equal intervals. Your dentist can better know your teeth than you. To make your teeth straight if required than they can suggest you braces or invisalign aligner. In some cases tooth whitening treatment is done by your dentist to give you a perfect smile. Some people have shaky tooth in that case cosmetic dentist recommends filling of your tooth or crowning so that you can dress up a better smile. Once you get perfect smile you are ready to overcome the world. Your social life will take a new move and you will feel really great. No need to take stress that you don’t have a good smile now you can have it very easily. If you have chosen the right dentist who can understand what treatment your teeth required.

Teeth grinding a psychological disorder needs awareness


Strong teeth are the longing of everyone. What if, somebody has strong and healthy teeth and still facing a snag? I have met with so many people who are having healthy teeth but they are habitual of grinding their teeth. People are unaware about the facts, why they do this, even they do clinching when they are sleeping. Long ago clinching or being formally we can say bruxism was considered a habit, but with the advancement of modern sciences it is revealed that teeth grinding is more than a habit. It’s a psychological disorder.
Here I want to share some interesting facts about this malady. Teeth grinding is not only in adults but children are afflicted as well. Actually this is the indication of physical agony, a man or child is facing. In children, it happens, when new teeth are about to appear, children feel pain and swelling in their jaws and itching that cause grinding of teeth.

How does teeth grinding effects:

teethgrinding600x450In adults the case is different, bruxism happens due to stress and headache. People in stress inclined to gnashing their teeth that causes damage of teeth. Certainly in severe cases it does happen due to headache or sore jaw. Such clinching of teeth may lead to broken teeth, and can affect the stumps of the teeth. For such damages, Dentists in winnipeg recommend the following treatments like bridges, root canals, implants, partial dentures and sometimes complete denture is required depend on the severity of the teeth.

Sometimes patients of bruxism don’t know that they are inflicted by such disease. I think people who are suffering from such disease needs consultation from Cosmetic dentist. Because it does a lot of damage to the lower jaw, the teeth can be cracked, moreover TMJs can also be affected that link jaw directly to the skull. This can also intensify earache and headache.

Due to implausible pressure on teeth, sensitivity might be increased, that may cause chipped or crack teeth. So bruxism should be avoided because it’s a bad indication for your teeth. To avoid such malady, people should avoid taking stress, or should control their anger, and spend sometimes in some healthy activities in order to get some relief.

Uneasy circumstances:


Majority of the people clench their teeth, when they are tensed or frustrated. Due to depression people do the same practice while they are sleeping it shows how much they are disturbed inwardly. People who have some outstanding personality traits can avoid it if they get the idea what cost they have to bear. Clinching may be caused due to misaligned teeth. It also depends on the eating habits, diet and sleeping habits.

If someone is not use to of clinching the teeth, he may do this, depends on the certain challenges he is facing in life, it can happen anytime. Some patients don’t know that they are grinding their teeth, this happens because they are doing it abnormally, and they get the idea from their loved one who inform them that they are grinding their teeth in uncertain conditions. For instance, if a person is facing an unidentified pain, earache or headache, or pain in their lower jaw, he can start clinching without noticing it.

No deny that bruxism is inherited from the parents to children, but children recover from this disease when they get adult. To avoid gnashing of teeth people can use plastic mouth guard that is designed to reduce the grinding during sleep. Your Dentist Winnipeg can suggest you mouth guard.

Can bleaching help you to get your shiny teeth back?

oakland-berkeley-deals-teeth-whitening-189It’s very necessary to know the causes of tooth discoloration before you opt bleaching or teeth whitening process. If you find your teeth that they are getting stained or getting discolored or yellowish than it might be due to your hygiene problems. Tooth is discolored only when you do too much smoking. Sometimes stain on teeth is only appear due to excess of foods and drinks. Your dentist can tell you better what happen with your teeth. But if you think that bleaching is the only solution to get back your pearl whitening teeth back.

Can bleaching process applied on crowned, or fillings?

Bleaching will not effect if you have previously done teeth fillings or crown teeth. Then bleaching process will not prove useful in any way, because in that case you teeth can get the grey or black shadow. In that case Dentist Winnipeg can recommend you to replace your filling by using some other cosmetic substitute.

Normally bleaching the teeth could not be done in just one sitting, sometimes dentist Winnipeg recommends you to do it from the comfort of your home and sometimes clinical processing is required. Teeth get again discolored after sometime so bleaching is not the permanent solution for regaining healthy white teeth. In order to keep a long lasting effect of bleaching it is suggested that you should avoid the food as well as smoking that can rapidly discolor your teeth. To avoid stains it is recommended by cosmetic dentist to avoid such foods and drinks that can bring back stains. Along with this brush your teeth twice a day and make flossing your daily routine.

Who needs teeth whitening process?


don’t need of teeth whitening process until you fall in the following categories. In case if you have sensitive teeth or gums with large cavities or filling you need whiting treatment. Sometimes due to bruxism or teeth grinding the enamel of your teeth worn out and you found the cracks in your teeth. If you have mouth sores or some kind of ulcer in your mouth then it becomes crucial to have a bleaching process.

Side effects of teeth:

zxzDon’t bleach the teeth which are crowned, or filled or have bridges. If your dentist is not suggesting any other alternative then it is better not to apply bleaching process on your teeth. Don’t apply the prcoess on crown or filling teeth it is suggested by Cosmetic Dentist not to do it until you are sure about the color of your teeth get settled after of bleaching.

Dentist at Winnipeg always recommend you not to repeat the teeth whitening procedure after short intervals. Frequently repeating the process can harm the enamel of your teeth. To restore the pearl shine of your teeth it is suggested to get it done once in a six month.
So bleaching can prove helpful only if it is not done excessively because in that case your teeth might get sensitive or can irritate the gums. But this sensitiveness does not last long,City Centre Dentists recommend in this regard using toothpaste before and after bleaching process regularly. So having a cute smile is not so difficult, what is difficult is to maintain this smile. So you can hold it for a long time being careful.

From root canal to sealed tooth


A root canal is a wonderful treatment to protect the teeth that is decayed or left its position due to some injury. Root canal treatment is used to protect and save the teeth from decay or being infected in anyway. This treatment is done when the nerve of the tooth got totally damaged that it can’t maintain the connection of the teeth with the skull. In this case root canal of the teeth is cut off from the teeth and tooth is preserved on its place.
This treatment is quite painful; in fact people are of the view that this treatment as compared to teeth filling is not so much painful. It’s a big relief in reality because you original teeth are preserved for a long time, so what if it is can’t feel the hot and cold. The teeth in other words is dead but still in its original form.

What is dental pulp?

endodonciaIf we talk about the pulp what it is exactly? It is a soft area within the hub of the tooth. The tooth nerve that is considered the life line of the tooth lies in root canal. The root canals start from the tip of the tooth’s root and lasts to the pulp chamber, it consists of blood vessels and connective tissues that provide nourishment to the teeth. A tooth’s nerve is not so important for a tooth, Dentist Winnipeg is of the view that tooth is supported by gum. Root canal is a sensory organ of the tooth so its existence and non existence does not have any impact on the functionality of the tooth.

Why do the people need to be removed?

Then why do people remove Root canal, it is obvious when pulp got damaged it cracks from various positions that disturbs the pulp chamber. In this case bacteria can infect the pulp and inflammation and blister can hurt the tooth badly. The abscess can affect the tooth in such a way that it can harm the roots of the tooth. If such infection harms the root canal the following infection can harm the tooth:

  • Swelling can be seen over the face, neck and head
  • Your tooth may lose bone from the tip of the tooth
  • If it is of sever kind then it can extend out of the root.
  • A hole can be transpired from the tooth or from the skin and exert the fluid out of it just like a drainage.


So a tooth nerve and pulp got damaged, the nerve and tooth pulp might be inflamed o abscess, Dental Implants suggests it happens due to so many oral treatments, fillings or a crack in the tooth. Here are six signs of root canal that make you aware that you’re root canal is getting damaged.

  • The patient can feel toothache pain whenever he chew or put pressure to bite anything
  • Prolonged sensitivity hot and cold abnormality
  • Discoloration (tooth losing its original color)
  • Abscess in the adjacent gums
  • Sometimes people felt pimple on the gums
  • Sometimes it happens without any symptom


So in this case Cosmetic Dentist sealed the tooth, in case of any infection your dentist can put medicine inside the tooth to make it clear from any infection and then the tooth is sealed.