Foods that can whiten your teeth:

Yesterday I read the post how to whiten your teeth by using natural foods. It’s quite interesting to know that foods especially fruit can bring a lot of good for our teeth. I always suggest in my blogs to my readers to develop good eating habits so here in this blog I am sharing with you how much foods are vital for your teeth. Fresh fruits, lots of water, fresh vegetable are some of the food items that can make your teeth whiter than before. These healthy food items contain essential elements that are good to keep teeth healthy.

Enjoy fruits and keep your teeth pearl white.

Milk and yoghurt is on top of the list, you can say these dairy items as power dose for your teeth. Calcium is essential for teeth and these food items contain abundance of calcium which not only strengthen your teeth but also make your teeth white. But all of rich-calcium foods are not god for your teeth like spinach that may cause pigmentation. To get the sparkling smile use yoghurt in your lunch time and a glass of milk in your breakfast says Dentist Winnipeg.

Crunching is good for your teeth.

Crunching fruits and vegetables like pears and broccoli is good for your teeth. Pears help to reduce bad smell from your teeth. Increases saliva growth and helps to remove debris from your mouth so chewing fruits and vegetables in. dentist Winnipeg recommends to chew broccoli because it does not stick with your teeth. So you find no stain on the surface of your teeth. Give a natural brushing and gentle massage to your teeth by crunching these fruits and vegetables.
Dentists in winnipeg also suggests vegetables containing lots of water like carrots, it not only good for your teeth but also helps to increase saliva growth which wash away food debris from your teeth.

Water is as much essential as the above discussed food items. For a shimmering smile drink lots of water it prevents pigmentation and stains from your teeth. Water is essential to maintain the level of saliva because it reduce the acidity that affects the enamel of your teeth. But Cosmetic Dentistry suggest not taking concentrated water as much because it can also harm your teeth.

Get rid of discoloration:

The citric fruit items like oranges and strawberries and apple can make your teeth pearl white. Fruits help to maintain saliva level, one orange in one time is good for your teeth because plenty of orange means the loss of your enamel because of plenty of citrus and vitamin C in it. Apple a crunchy fruit strengthen your gums, with its high level of water it increase saliva level and neutralize bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque. So chopping apple men’s you are doing natural brushing or flossing of your teeth. Strawberries act as natural caustic to reduce the tooth discoloration naturally. So make strawberry a part of your daily dose, it’s miraculous.

Seeds and nuts like almonds proves natural bleach for your teeth, it removes discoloration and makes your teeth as pearly as you were wishing to be. By chewing seeds and nuts you do a natural scrubbing of your teeth so plaque is rinsed and stains are removed with full of protein ingredients. So crunching is good and healthy.


Healthy gums you really need


When you laugh or smile, your gums are visible to others and can tell the story of your health. If your gums are healthy its mean you are healthy enough or if your gums are swollen then it is the sign that bacteria are affecting your teeth. If your gums are not treated in the earlier stage, here is a chance that you will lose your happiest smile. Gums inflammation can cause gum bleeding due to aggressive brushing. Tooth loss begins when your tissues got damaged that are used as a protecting shield for your teeth. The inflammation of gums affect your smile, your gums lose the natural color and left a very bad impact on the onlookers.

Do you know how your gums get affected?

Gum inflammation or gingivitis at its early stage cause due to bacteria that build up plaque on your teeth. These bacteria cause inflamed gums and that’s why when you do brush your tooth become so sensitive that it started bleeding during brushing. At this earlier stage of gingivitis, only gums suffer loss, although teeth remain protected in their holes. No loss of tissue o bone is occurred at this stage.

What happens when gums are not treated earlier?

mnmWhen gingivitis is not treated at its earlier stage, it can lead to periodontitis. At this stage the inner layer of the gum left the teeth and the bone. So the protective shield that protects the teeth is no longer available. Teeth become more visible and look odd. In simple words cavity is aroused between teeth. So here are the spaces where all the junk is gathered and infect the teeth thoroughly. At this phase the immune system battles with bacteria as the plaque started to collect near the gum line. Invisalign Winnipeg is not required at this stage. Toxin that has been produced by bacteria makes the bone weaken tears the tissues that hold the teeth. If treatment is not started then more gum and tissues are cracked and affected. So teeth are no longer remain fixed in their place, they started shaking and in result tooth is lost.gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss.

Do you want to lose your teeth?


Toxins or poisons — produced by the bacteria in plaque as well as the body’s “good” enzymes involved in fighting infections — start to break down the bone and connective tissue that hold teeth in place. As the disease progresses, the pockets deepen and more gum tissue and bone are destroyed. When this happens, teeth are no longer anchored in place, they become loose, and tooth loss occurs. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in grown-up people. In this case implant Dentistry Winnipeg is crucial. You can have, single, multiple, bone augmentation or implant of all teeth. Choice is yours. Gum diseases mainly occur due to hormonal changes. Sometimes it does happen due to sickness that you got medicine and it’s totally change the condition of your gums. Dental Implants Winnipeg can help you to smile with ease. So that you can’t be reluctant when you want to smile, you worth you teeth, and if you lost them in any way you can get them back it is confirm. In order to have healthy gums one needs to leave bad habits like smoking and maintain good hygiene habits like brushing and flossing.

The smile of new generation

MG_2761-e1362610224939TMD is becoming a common dental problem, because of stress and work pressure that people are getting at their workplace. TMD or temporomandibular disorders basically occurs due to the problem with jaw. Jaw joint and the joint muscles get disturbed; moreover it directly effects the facial expression. Do you want to lose you’re your facial beauty? Probably you don’t want.

How does it happen?

Before you caught up in this problem, I would like to make you aware about this problem so that you can’t face it in future. The temporomandibular joint is the center joint that connects the lower jaw with the skull. This temporal bone exists in front of the ear of each side of the ear. This joint provides your jaw flexibility to move up and down with ease. Without this TMJ you can’t chew, talk, and yawn. Thus the jointed muscles control the position and movement of the mouth.


The question why TMJ troubles, is unanswered yet. But Dentist Winnipeg believes that the problem occur due to the stress of the jaw or the joints itself. It may occur due to injury of the muscles of the head and neck. As if someone hits this sensitive part of the head with a rod or heavy waft that results in the disturbance of temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Other symptoms may include. Other possible causes include:


  • Being habitual of grinding or clenching of the teeth or due to stress that affects TMJ
  • If the teeth are weaken or dislocated due to soft cushions
  • Stress can cause to tight the facial and jaw muscles or it can compress the teeth.

What are the indications of TMD?

When TMD occurs, the patients of TMD feel severe pain and distress that may be temporary or can last for a long time. Mostly TMD affects females more than the males. TMD is suffered by the people who are between the age of 20 and 40. Common indications include,

  • Pain in jaw joint area, neck and shoulders
  • Feeling difficult to chew, talk or to open your mouth
  • Can’t open the mouth with ease
  • Sticking of jaw in open or closed mouth position
  • Feeling of clicking, popping or grating sounds, when chew something
  • Swelling over the face due to the pain in TMD

How Is TMD Diagnosed?

tmd__posture__dr-2_medTMD can be diagnosed easily by the dentist, Cosmetic Dentistry in this regard are keen to check your dental history and may be interested in your physical examination to determine the symptoms. It is required because the patient of TMD may be suffering from sinus problems, arthritis, or gum disease.

For pain in temporomandibular joints, cosmetic dentist examine this area by listening the sounds of popping or grating due to jaw moment. He will also examine the facial muscle function by asking you to give motion to your jaw open or close it with ease. Your cosmetic dentist may take panoramic X-rays and face X-rays, thus enables the dentist to view the entire jaw with extreme care. Sometimes dentist may recommend you magnetic resonance imaging or a computer tomography. These tests are supportive to examine the soft tissue of the TMJ disc whether it is fixed on the right place. Or CT scan can expose the truth and can provide the dentist brief details about the bones of the mouth. Your dentist can recommend you cosmetic dentistry for treatment that are specialized and focus in the surgery of entire face, mouth and jaw area.

Your happiness is hidden in your oral health


If white teeth are the sign of beauty then it is your sheer responsibility to take care of it. It’s just like pearls you have in your mouth. This treasure should be protected because you don’t want to lose these valuable pearls. Crystal whitening teeth needs proper oral hygiene, so it’s not only necessary to keep your teeth clean, flossing and cleanliness of your tongue is also necessary because it is your tongue that provides the ground to bacteria to breeds in your mouth.

Tongue cleaning is a way out from bacteria:

r-tongueanatomy2.gifTongue cleaning is important if you want to avoid bad breath. Strange! But it is truth because it the food particles that stick with your tongue and if you not clean it, it causes bad breath, because it is food debris that is not removed timely. Your fresh breath marks your personality, this is an impression over others who beautiful and clean you are from inside. The people who think that bad breath is due to stomach problem or digestion problem they tell a lie , it s the extra food particle son your tongue that change your breath in to a bad one.

Affects of bad breath:

You know what will be the reaction of the people; they will stay away from you. It will not be their sudden reaction but it will become their custom attitude. People will never highlight your bad breath, but you will feel that they are on distance from you. Cosmetic Dentist suggests you in this regard to adopt oral hygiene habit to keep your tongue clean and do flossing regularly. Bad breath is not troublesome, but we made it a big trouble.

Tongue scrapper can keep your tongue clean:


So you can get rid of this problem by using tongue scrapper, available in U shape. It can easily remove all the particles or food debris from your tongue. Just push it towards the tip of the tongue so that all the waste can be removed. Tongue scrapper is the easiest way to clean your tongue. If it is not work, visit your City Centre Dentists to discuss your problem. However it is recommended to take fresh food including green ingredients as it is refreshing and more energizing to maintain fresh breath.

If tongue is clean then your entire mouth will be safe, because bacteria is no more breed in your mouth and can’t cause plaque, that sticks to the enamel of the teeth. This is the plaque meanwhile that causes inflammation and ultimately crooked teeth. This is not the question that you have crooked teeth or your teeth are getting damaged the main problem is this that your teeth are losing their look; your smiling beauty is getting affected. Cavities, inflammation, gingivitis are the common disease that is faced by every human. It is very common in adults that sometimes these teeth diseases go on extreme. Dentists in winnipeg that’s why suggests extreme care of your teeth, it is recommended to visit your dentist at regular intervals. Your dentist can suggest you in a better way. What you should take and what you should avoid for healthy gums and teeth. Healthy teeth represent your health and healthy smile represent your personality. So all depends on you, what you want to have.

How can I make my teeth germ free?


Germ is not in your mouth, actually it breeds when you take acidic food. Or it is the debris that is collected on your tongue. When you don’t clean your teeth and tongue regularly then you definitely has germs in your mouth, these germs in fact are bacteria, that causes plaque and cause bad smell form your mouth. Bad breath is actually not because of your stomach problem it is only due to the debris that is stuck with your tongue. The taste of your mouth suddenly changed due to the bacteria so here is a need to brush your teeth regularly and use the tongue scrapper after every meal. If you can manage then visit your Dentist Winnipeg regularly.

Germ free mouth, a guarantee of fresh breath:


The germ free mouth is a guarantee of fresh breath; you will never experience bad breath if you clean your mouth regularly. The tongue scrapper is best in this regard to make your mouth germ free. Flossing is also essential in this regard if you want to secure your crowd-pleasing smile. For your care-free smile, make sure that you do flossing regularly after meal. So there should be no food particles or remaining stick with your teeth.
Flossing can give your smile a new vigor; there is no chance of cavity if flossing is inclusive in your habits. Visit your
Dentists in winnipeg regularly, because it is your dentist who knows your teeth better than you. He can suggest you precautions and if required he can also prescribe you some medications. Always take some healthy intakes, make fruits, salads, vegetables the part of your daily food if you want to get rid of bad breath, healthy eating habits can make you secure from any dental disease like bad breath.

Effects of perfect smile on your personality:


The perfect smile is to express your personality that How much you are pleasant from inside, and smile without bad breath ensures that you are purified from inside. This is the healthy sign of having a good personality inside out. So get ready to preserve your pearl white teeth, it is your identity so never ignore it. Otherwise you may lose your healthy smile.

How can you control bacteria?

Bacteria in your mouth are only cause of bad breath and plaque, when plaque sticks to your teeth, the color of your teeth begin to change, so they start getting yellow, plaque causes the inflammation of gums, by doing brushing right after taking meal you can lose the dentin of your teeth that works like a protective shield for your teeth. Moreover aggressive brushing may also lead to abscess of gums due to bleeding. So shine dentist recommends you to brush your teeth gently to protect your gum tissues.

So if you wish for fresh breath it is not so difficult to gain. Just brush twice a day, and clean your tongue with tongue scrapper after meal. If you do flossing after meal then it is an added advantage. But beware as City Centre Dentists recommends that don’t do brushing immediately after taking meal, you can do it after an hour. So you have god-gifted smile what you need is to make it perfect. Noting is gained without pain, so you can’t have it until you work on it.

Wisdom Teeth do you have it?


Wisdom teeth is a third set of molars and every adult wait for this valuable teeth as so many myths are attached with the appearance of these teeth. There is common complaint with the appearance of wisdom teeth that a severe pain is felt into the whole mouth. The reason is this that the teeth are not properly aligned and ultimately needs the detachment.

When wisdom teeth are not properly fixed, it may place horizontally or may get away from the second molars. If the wisdom teeth are not properly aligned, then it can affect the adjacent teeth and jawbones or nerves. Wisdom teeth may get affected as they are confined in the soft tissue of the jaw bone. In this case the partly break through can happen. If the wisdom teeth are partly extracted it can cause infection as bacteria can easily enter the spaces around the tooth. That may cause pain, inflammation or jaw stiffness. Thus the tooth decay is unstoppable and inappropriate positioning can make difficult daily brushing and flossing.

How do you know you have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removalMajority of the people don’t know that they are getting wisdom teeth as they are not sure about the symptoms. Consult with your Cosmetic Dentist Winnipeg to have a look about the positioning of wisdom teeth. X-ray of the mouth cans teeth the right story how your wisdom teeth is aligned. Moreover shine dentist after a careful analysis can decide whether you should go to oral surgeon for more inspection.

It depends on the dentist whether he recommends you to extract the wisdom teeth to avoid further complication like pain and swellings. The extraction of wisdom teeth is less painful for young people as the teeth are not properly placed and bone is not solid. While in older people it will take a longer time in healing.

Is removal of wisdom teeth possible?

It depends on the position of wisdom teeth and its stage of development. Dentists in winnipeg can only then plan the removal of teeth. You dentist can better tell what type of suffering you come across and how your pre- removal inspection could be done. A wisdom tooth that is above the gum can easily be removed than any other tooth. On the other hand if the wisdom tooth is enclosed in the gum and connected with jawbone is required a cut in to the gums to extract the tooth. Sometimes the tooth that are enclosed into the gums required to be extract into pieces to minimize the risk of bone that needs to be removed to get the teeth out of it.

How removal of wisdom teeth is done?

no-wisdom-teeth-1Cosmetic dentist while removing the wisdom teeth make the surrounding tissues insensitive by using analgesic. The same medication that is used to insensate a tooth while filling the cavity. Sometimes with the consent of the patient and the dentist it may be decided to use some narcotics to control the pain more effectively. The sedating medications are available in many types like nitrous oxide, valium, intravenous that is infused via injection. If nitrous oxide is used then you can remain conscious while others medications can make you unconscious. After the removal of teeth, the healing process depends what type of extraction is done, if it is quite serious in that case bleeding ,swelling and pain can be expected.

Smile is a perfect gift that one can ever have


A healthy smile can bring for you a happy and healthy life. If you don’t have anything in life, remember God has given you the best gift of smile. A smile can win for you everything in society. When you smile the world smiles back, you get out of stress and you suddenly start feeling happy. In fact a smile can make you more attractive; you look more lively and courteous to others. As much you smile as much you will lose the depression. As someone has boldly said

“If the world has hundreds of reason to make you cry let the world know that you have thousands of reason to smile.”

How does smile effect you?

Do you know what happen when you smile; it makes other people happy too. When you smile the muscles of your mouth activates automatically when you see your friend or watch an interesting incident you smile without having any intention. Absurd! Isn’t it? Remember that smile can bring a lot of good for you so smile even if it is good or worse and in return the universe smile back to you. If you are habitual of giving smiling expression even in your worse that you will really have the power to undo the do.

How can you get a good smile?


Don’t get worried if you don’t have good teeth you can still get a good smile. Cosmetic Dentistry has devised many ways to give you a perfect smile with braces and invisalign aligner, tooth colored ceramic pieces. You can have the better smile if your orthodontist recommends you the above mentioned treatment. Then go with it if you want to chase the pursuit of perfect smile.
Dentists in winnipeg recommends people to brush twice a day if they want to keep their perfect smile for a long time. Flossing can keep your teeth in shape and to kill the bacteria. Get a daily dose of small amount of mouth wash in this way you can get a fresh breath with a sweet smile. Don’t eat unhealthy food like juices and fats and sweets it can harm your teeth. Always do brushing right after one hour f you do brushing immediately it can affect the dentin of your teeth that brings natural shine on your teeth so don’t lose it it’s so much precious.

What you should do to get a good smile:


For a perfect smile you have to keep visiting your Dentist Winnipeg with equal intervals. Your dentist can better know your teeth than you. To make your teeth straight if required than they can suggest you braces or invisalign aligner. In some cases tooth whitening treatment is done by your dentist to give you a perfect smile. Some people have shaky tooth in that case cosmetic dentist recommends filling of your tooth or crowning so that you can dress up a better smile. Once you get perfect smile you are ready to overcome the world. Your social life will take a new move and you will feel really great. No need to take stress that you don’t have a good smile now you can have it very easily. If you have chosen the right dentist who can understand what treatment your teeth required.